...with lots of love for you, Jeff Thomas and the lyrics.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

kiss the sky

I hold my head up just enough to see the sky
and when we go we won't go slow we'll put up such a fight
when they fade into the dust and into ash
all children know this pain will surely pass
strong and wise and you are love
when the tide it come you will float above and
and you will be one day exactly what you are
just keep your head up high kiss your fist and touch the sky

it's not too late to keep the world from dying
it's not too late to spread the love you have
one day when we are ready for crying
one day I know we'll all be there

the sound we hear it is our hearts they are in time
they're poundig clear and swift the beat forever in our minds
it gives us hope it gives the strenghth, you know, to carry on
keep fighting till the end and past the end we will be strong

yes we will

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