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Saturday, May 07, 2011

the quest

I'm leaving tonight
going somewhere deep inside my mind
I close my eyes slowly
flowin' away slowly
but I know I'll be alright

it's coming stronger to me
and I know someone is out there
lead the way
show me the answers I need to know

what I'm gonna live for
what I'm gonna die for
who you gonna fight for
I can't answer that
all my life/love it is
it is all my love
all my life/love it is
I know it is a life to live lately

from above I hear
I hear the sound of them sinkin'
I feel numb, I'm alive
I know I'm getting closer

my life has had it's share of troubles
and now I found a place to go
I've said goodbye to all my troubles
'cause now I've found my place to go

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