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Saturday, November 13, 2010

our love or how we lost it

you get up now, you got to work
I'll wake up now, I got to go
cause every time I lose you my body kneels
I want to give a try but it's pulling me down

you go crazy and I go mad
things got lazy, so what?
the mystery won' t sail until we die
I' m acting like a child and it' s pulling me down

man, you need me and I need you
yes, I feel it, you feel it, too
yhe purity of tears, the plans we never made
I wanna make them real but it's pulling me high

I' m sick of all the mess in your mind
and I'm sick of all the mess in your eyes, in your acts,
in your wrong supposedly life!

I'm tired of all your doubts on my words
and I'm tired of all your doubts on my life,
on your life, nothing, nothing more to tell!

I wanna dance and smile,
I wanna smile, let me laugh,
acting silly, looking silly for no desicions you don' t take!

god, I miss you, I miss you
and when I miss you,...
cause every time I sing, I do it for you
it's the only thing I have and share with you

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